Bitcoin With Jake

Bitcoin With Jake

Hiiii! 👋🏻 As you probably guessed, my name is Jake, and welcome to "Bitcoin With Jake"!

The Problem:

99% of people look at me as if I am totally crazy when I talk about Bitcoin seriously, they then ask for more information, which is constantly evolving and never in one place.

The Solution:

A single resource, covering beginner to advanced level information, of high quality bitcoin content.

1. Curated Content:

I spend the vast majority of my spare time consuming Bitcoin related content, the best of which I have curated, so anyone can start digging through what forms the basis of my conviction:


2. Newsletter:

I write a newsletter which you can signup for here.

3. Podcast:

I host a podcast, with 1-1 interviews, speaking with Bitcoiners from all over the globe who have adopted it as their primary form of money; you can listen here or watch here.

Thank you!

I would love to hear from you, so follow me on twitter, DM is open!